Influence your audience with trusted social authorities.

“Influencer marketing has become a widely accepted marketing modality due to the immense amount of trust consumers place in authentic social figures and the results they are able to achieve.
Our team has intimate experience in working with influencers and are able to bring your campaign from ideation to execution with speed, efficiency, and creativity, while remaining true to your brand’s message and image.”

Creative Campaigns

Our team bleeds for the creative process. It’s the core of our DNA. The campaigns that RedRoar assembles leverage unique blends of content, promotional advertising, and influencer engagement to arouse followers and build long-term results.

Expert Execution

We know how to take original ideas, execute them to their fullest potential and deliver exceptional results for clients. We are also accustomed to pivoting efforts mid-campaign to produce the most meaningful outcome possible.

Adept Analyzation

RedRoar will analyze the results of each campaign for you and depict exactly how well your campaign performed in accordance with your brand’s KPIs.